May 2020

A study in collaboration with the local University of Konstanz, research group of Prof. Hauck, has been published and can now be found on the medRxiv pre-print server:

As shown in the study, Volcano3G® master mix can be used to reliably detect SARS-CoV2 in extracted samples using the CDC-approved N1 and RNaseP qPCR-assay. When using an additional, high-melting reverse transcription primer, Volcano3G master mix even displayed lower Ct values than other commercially available RT-PCR mixes.

Since RNA extraction is time consuming and the availability of the extraction kits is scarce due to the world wide demand, we additionally explored to detect SARS-CoV2 directly from raw, dry oral swabs. These swabs are simply rinsed with RNase-free water and the sample is then directly added to the RT-PCR reaction. With this setup, samples of patients with a medium to high viral load were accurately detected in agreement with the results of extracted RNA samples. Due to inhibitory effect of the raw sample on the reaction, however, the input of the diluted sample is too low to achieve a reliable detection of SARS-CoV2 in patients with mild symptoms (and hence low viral titers).

We are currently exploring ways to improve the sensitivity of this approach and to launch it as an official, approved diagnostic kit as soon as possible.

March 2020

myPOLS is upscaling Volcano3G® productions significantly in order to supporting the fight against Corona virus.


February 2020

We are proud to announce that HiDi DNA polymerase and HiDi Taq DNA polymerase are becoming gold-standard enzymes for mutation detections as recent publications in high-impact journals demonstrate. Please see below

Hitomi Matsunari and Masahito Watanabe et al. describing genome edited clones and allele-specific PCR with HiDi DNA polymerase - Link to the scientific publication

M. Serif and B. Lepetit et al., describing TALEN-mediated gene knockouts and identification by HiDi DNA polymerase - Link to the scientific publication

Takayuki Sakurai et al., describing a CRISP-Cas9 induced mutation identification method - Link to the scientific publication

August 2019

Ramon (our CEO) was giving a talk at the qPCR conference in Freising this spring. His talk was recorded and is now online available - have a look! (passwort protected video stream (psw is: GQ2019)

May 2019

After months of tedious work we are proud to announce that our Quality Management system has been certified according to the ISO-Norm 13485:2016 (more details can be found here)


February 2019

We have successfully established a Direct from Blood Genotyping PCR mix!

Our "DirectBlood Genotyping PCR Mix" allows real-time PCR based genotyping without any previous DNA isolation, directly from blood samples!

Currently we are further developing specific SNP typing assays. They will be launched under research-use only as soon as possible. If you are interested, please provide us with the rs-number of the SNP your are interested in, to receive an individual quotation.

Further readings - Test-customers have already successfully published scientific articles by using our kit! Respective publications can be found here and here.