February 2020

We are proud to announce that HiDi DNA polymerase and HiDi Taq DNA polymerase are becoming gold-standard enzymes for mutation detections as recent publications in high-impact journals demonstrate. Please see below

Hitomi Matsunari and Masahito Watanabe et al. describing genome edited clones and allele-specific PCR with HiDi DNA polymerase - Link to the scientific publication

M. Serif and B. Lepetit et al., describing TALEN-mediated gene knockouts and identification by HiDi DNA polymerase - Link to the scientific publication

Takayuki Sakurai et al., describing a CRISP-Cas9 induced mutation identification method - Link to the scientific publication

August 2019

Ramon (our CEO) was giving a talk at the qPCR conference in Freising this spring. His talk was recorded and is now online available - have a look! (passwort protected video stream (psw is: GQ2019)

May 2019

After months of tedious work we are proud to announce that our Quality Management system has been certified according to the ISO-Norm 13485:2016 (more details can be found here)


February 2019

We have successfully established a Direct from Blood Genotyping PCR mix!

Our "DirectBlood Genotyping PCR Mix" allows real-time PCR based genotyping without any previous DNA isolation, directly from blood samples!

Currently we are further developing specific SNP typing assays. They will be launched under research-use only as soon as possible. If you are interested, please provide us with the rs-number of the SNP your are interested in, to receive an individual quotation.

Further readings - Test-customers have already successfully published scientific articles by using our kit! Respective publications can be found here and here.