Contract Research Services

Having worked in the field of DNA and RNA polymerases for decades, we offer our expertise to you! 

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Our expertise is especially in polymerase assay designs and engineering of DNA polymerases with new properties. We are continuously exploring new approaches and applications. We will help to establish your experiments using our wide knowledge. With our access to large libraries of different mutated polymerases and high-throughput screenings we can find the best polymerase for your needs.

What we can do for you:

    • Assist you with your assay design
    • Optimize your special application with custom-made DNA polymerases
    • Shape and engineer polymerases to fulfill your assay needs
    • Customized polymerase product development and productions
    • Freeze-dried enzyme formulations and production

Applications, we can advise and support you with:

    • Polymerase engineering
    • SNP-detection by allele-specific amplification (ASA) / Allele-specific PCR
    • Methylation specific PCR (MSP)
    • PCRs
    • RT-PCRs
    • Primer design
    • DNA polymerase screening
    • qPCRs
    • LAMP
    • Assay optimizations
    • New assay establishments
    • Primer extension reactions
    • Modified nucleic acids and triphosphates
    • Screening / High-throughput PCRs
    • Polymerase characterisations

Interested? Contact us!

Our team of polymerase experts is looking forward to hearing from you!
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