Volcano3G® RT-PCR 2x Master Mix (+GreenDye)

Volcano3G® RT-PCR 2x Master Mix (+GreenDye, optional w/ or w/o ROX)

  • "We at myPOLS believe, that RT-qPCR should be as simple as qPCRs. It should not matter whether a DNA or an RNA template is to be quantified. With this in mind, we have developed Volcano3G RT-PCR master mixes".

    Volcano3G RT-PCR master mixes enable amplification of RNA or DNA target sequences with quick and easy PCR protocols, even including 0-step amplification.
    Additionally, the light blue color improves the visibility of the mix during pipetting steps especially when white or transparent well-plates are used.
    The mix is suitable for both qPCR of DNA and RNA templates, for GreenDye or probe based assays.
    And all of this for a highly compatible price comparable to a standard qPCR mix.

    Volcano3G RT-PCR Mix is a RT-qPCR mix for real-time RT-PCRs and available in various formats i.e. with or without ROX and for probe or with GreenDye. Volcano3G RT-PCR 2x Master Mix (+GreenDye) is a ready-to-use master mix for reliable qPCR and RT-PCR in all standard PCR cyclers. The mix contains an enzyme blend of a robust Taq DNA polymerase and an engineered, thermostable DNA polymerase with reverse transcriptase activity. It is supplemented with GreenDye (#2000), a highly sensitive DNA binding dye with low polymerase inhibition. It is suitable for high resolution melting experiments.

    Volcano3G RT-PCR 2x Master Mix (+GreenDye) is also available with ROX reference dye (#6401). For PCR detection with probes, we suggest Volcano3G RT-PCR 2x Master Mix which is optimized for (multiplex) probe assays. It is also available with or without ROX reference (#6201, #6101).

  • Volcano3G RT-PCR 2x Master Mix contains an hotstart-formulated enzyme blend of an engineered, thermostable DNA polymerase with reverse transcriptase activity and a robust Taq DNA polymerase. The blend is pre-mixed with ultrapure dNTPs, GreenDye (DNA binding dye) and buffer components to create a ready-to-use 2x master mix for reliable PCR detection of both RNA and DNA targets.

  • This product is shipped on cool packs. It is recommended to store the product at -20°C upon arrival.

  • RT-PCR activity: Volcano3G RT-PCR Mix is tested for a successful RT-PCR performance. A 151 bp fragment (HPRT1 mRNA) is amplified from human total RNA extract in a real-time PCR cycler and visualized as a single amplified product.

    DNA polymerase activity: Volcano3G DNA polymerase activity is monitored and adjusted to a specific DNA polymerase activity using an artificial DNA template and DNA primer.

    Enzyme concentration is determined by protein-specific staining. Please inquire more information at info@mypols.de for the lot-specific concentration.

Superior Performance

Volcano3G is the next generation of our Volcano2G with an improved performance. It offers a variety of applications for a precise and rapid qPCR. It is applicable with common thermal cycling protocols and “zero-step” RT-PCR protocols direct from RNA. As demonstrated here, artificial HPRT1 mRNA was detected in a 10-fold dilution series by using a probe-based qPCR assay and a common thermal RT-PCR protocol.

Volcano2G Volcano3G comparison

Improved Sensitivity

Volcano3G shows an improved detection of mRNA down to 500 total copies, which is clearly distinguishable from the No Template Control (NTC). The brighter fluorescent signal provided by the Volcano 3G Master Mix enables an easy and precise quantification. Volcano3G RT-PCR mix showed to be more sensitive than our Volcano2G RT-PCR mix by a factor of 10. Here, artifical HPRT1 mRNA was detected down to 500 copies with Volcano3G RT-PCR 2x Master mix that contains a sensitive DNA binding dye with negligible polymerase inhibition.

Melt your DNA, not your brain

Volcano3G RT-PCR 2x Master mix with GreenDye is suitable for high resolution melting (HRM) experiments, allowing you to quickly identify unspecific amplicons and thus save time and effort when optimizing your PCR.

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