About us

Profile picture of Ramon Kranaster

Dr. Ramon Kranaster

(CEO and Co-Founder)

Ramon is the CEO and co-founder of myPOLS Biotec. He studied Chemistry and finished his PhD at the Excellence University of Konstanz in the year 2010 in the laboratories of Prof. Dr. Andreas Marx, a well-known specialist on the research of DNA polymerases. After his PhD, he researched as a postdoctoral associate at the University of Cambridge in the laboratories of Sir Prof. Dr. Shankar Balasubramanian on G-quadruplex structures in DNA. After his postdoc, he worked as a Senior Scientist at Touchlight Genetics Ltd, in Leatherhead, England on the development of DNA based vaccines. 2014 he founded myPOLS Biotec together with Prof. Dr. Andreas Marx with the aim to engineer DNA polymerases for the newest technological applications.
Since foundation, myPOLS is writing profits every year and has successfully established several product lines under Ramon’s lead. myPOLS has the “Innovative Through Research” pledge 2018/19 from the Stifterverband in Germany and won an “Innovation Award” recognition in 2016 from the state Baden-Württemberg.

Profile picture of Andreas Marx

Prof. Dr. Andreas Marx 

(Scientific advisor & Co-Founder)

Andreas Marx cofounded myPOLS Biotec and is currently a scientific advisor of the company. As a Professor at the University of Konstanz he holds the Chair of Organic Chemistry / Cellular Chemistry and is involved in research on DNA polymerases for more than two decades.

Profile picture of Dr. Kim Leitner

Dr. Kim Leitner 

(Project & Quality Manager)

Kim holds a PhD in Chemistry from the University of Konstanz (2018). During her research she gained expertise in the biotechnological application of DNA polymerases, expression as well as purification. In 2019 she joined the myPOLS team as project manager. In addition, she is managing the quality management system (DIN EN ISO 13485) for myPOLS.



Profile picture of Dr. Moritz Welter

Dr. Moritz Welter 

(Project and R&D Manager)

Moritz holds a PhD in Chemistry from the University of Konstanz (2019). In his thesis, he studied the DNA polymerase catalyzed incorporation of modified nucleotides with large, functional moieties and their possible application for diagnostic purposes. He joined myPOLS in October 2018 as a research scientist and by today is responsible for internal and external research projects.

Profile picture of Petra Kranaster

Petra Kranaster M.Sc. 


After obtaining her Master degree at the University of Konstanz, Petra joined the myPOLS team to manage administrative-related issues. Her expertise in this area comes mainly from her previous work as the Biorepository Scientific Officer at the Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute.



 Profile picture of Simone Marx

Simone Marx 

(Quality Management and Business Strategy, Co-Founder)

With the experience from her work for global pharmaceutical companies, Simone Marx now excels in marketing, sales and communication. Together with Ramon Kranaster she supports the team in the operative implementation of the myPOLS Biotec strategy.


Profile picture of Noel Ramsperger

Noel Ramsperger M.Sc. 

(Production Manager)

Noel holds a Master of Science degree in Molecular Biology from the University of Konstanz (2018). He gained initial experience in the production, quality control and development of DNA polymerases and DNA diagnostics during an internship at myPOLS in 2016. Since 2019 Noel is responsible for the production of myPOLS liquid and lyophilized products as production manager and scientist



 Logo of myPOLS Biotec GmbH

Engineered DNA polymerases - from Lake Constance 

We are a biotec company originating from the University of Konstanz, from the research group of Prof. Dr. Andreas Marx.
Since our foundation in 2014, we offer our expertise in DNA polymerases: we design, tailor, produce and lyophilize enzymes for your biotec application.  We are specialised on developing new generations of DNA polymerases for advanced and reliable applications e.g. in personalized medicine, pathogen detection, DNA and RNA diagnostics, forensics, and many more.