qPCR Probe 2x Master Mix

qPCR Probe 2x Master Mix

  • qPCR Probe 2x Master Mix- ready to use mix simplifies your PCR setup. Only primers, probes and template need to be added as the mix contains all components for a successful and reliable qPCR. This ensures reproducible results, significantly reduces set-up times and the risk of pipetting errors. The robustness of qPCR performance allows the application of this mix in a wide range of PCR applications.  

  • This mix contains a Taq DNA polymerase variant in reaction buffer and ultrapure dNTPs. The DNA polymerase is hotstart-formulated with an aptamer. Temperatures above 50-55°C cause the aptamer’s secondary structure to melt and will set-free the DNA polymerase. It is perfectly suited for probe based assays, which require hydrolysis of a fluorescent probe (e.g. Taqman assay).

  • This product is shipped on cool packs. It is recommended to store the product upon arrival at -20°C.

  • qPCR Probe 2x Master Mix is tested functionally using qPCR. The product demonstrates linearity of amplification over a specified serial dilution of human genomic DNA.
    DNA polymerase activity: DNA polymerase activity has been monitored and adjusted to a specific DNA polymerase activity using an artificial DNA template and a DNA primer.
    Enzyme-concentration has been determined by protein-specific staining. Please inquire more information at info@mypols.de for the lot-specific concentration.
    No contamination has been detected in standard test reactions.

Example result

Specific quantification over a broad dynamic range.

A fragment (92 bp) of the human actin was amplified from a 10-fold dilution series of human genomic DNA extract (100 ng to 1 pg). Hydrolysis probe based realtime PCR was run with a two step protocol on the Lightcycler 96. 

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