Volcano2G DNA polymerase

Volcano2G DNA polymerase   is¬†the next generation of¬†the original Volcano¬†DNA polymerase with further improved reverse transcription activity. This enzyme¬†is¬†an engineered, extremely¬†thermostable reverse transcriptase and combined DNA polymerase, obtained through directed, artificial evolution. Volcano2G DNA polymerase facilitates ‚Äúzero-step‚ÄĚ RT-PCRs directly from … read more

Volcano3G RT-PCR 2x Master Mix

Volcano3G RT-PCR 2x Master Mix   contains all components necessary,¬†including dNTPs and an optimized reaction buffer, for a successful and reliable real-time qPCR and RT-qPCR in all standard PCR cyclers.¬†Included enzymes consists of a blend of our best performing, hot-start … read more

VolcanoCell2G RT-PCR 2x Master Mix

VolcanoCell2G RT-PCR 2x Master Mix This mix has been specifically optimized for direct-from-cell applications. Skip the time-consuming and expensive RNA purification. The VolcanoCell2G RT-PCR 2x Master Mix enables you to quantify and detect RNA directly from a cell suspension, or … read more

Volcano2G RT-PCR 2x Master Mix

Volcano2G RT-PCR 2x Master Mix   is available in four different ready-to-use formats. It can be used for all real-time dyes as well as probe-based qPCR assays, optionally containing ROX as a passive reference dye. Volcano2G RT-PCR 2x Master Mixes … read more

Isotherm2G DNA polymerase

Isotherm2G DNA polymerase (currently out of stock until further notice, please request)   is a mesophilic DNA polymerase, which synthesizes DNA from both DNA and RNA templates with a high strand displacement activity. Isotherm2G is the next generation of¬†the original … read more