DirectBlood Genotyping PCR Kit

DirectBlood Genotyping PCR Kit allows genotyping without any previous DNA isolation. Save time and money: directly use EDTA blood without any extraction steps. The DirectBlood Genotyping PCR Kit is optimized to function with a wide range of different SNPs to … read more

GreenDye 20x

GreenDye 20x Boost your qPCR results without inhibition with GreenDye GreenDye¬†is a highly sensitive DNA binding dye suitable for qPCR applications and melting curve analysis. GreenDye shows very low¬†DNA polymerase inhibition when compared with other dyes in PCR. It features … read more

Direct Oral Swab 2x PCR Master Mix

Direct Oral Swab 2x PCR Master Mix DNA isolation is not needed anymore – Direct Oral Swab 2x PCR Master Mix allows direct PCR, as well as PCR based genotyping or pathogen detection directly from saliva or buccal swab samples. … read more

HiDi 2x PCR Master Mix

HiDi 2x PCR Master Mix is a ready to use reaction mix that contains all components necessary for PCR based genotyping. Only target specific primers and template need to be added.   The included HiDi DNA polymerase is an engineered … read more

HiDi DNA polymerase

HiDi DNA polymerase is a highly selective DNA polymerase variant, specially evolved¬†for all assays in which¬†high single nucleotide discrimination is required, for instance in allele-specific PCRs (ASA), primer extensions or methylation-specific PCRs (MSP). HiDi DNA polymerase efficiently discriminates primers, which … read more

qPCR Probe LyoBeads

qPCR Probe LyoBeads   are ready-to-use freeze-dried master mixes that¬†contain all components necessary for a rapid, sensitive and reproducible detection and quantification of DNA and cDNA. qPCR Probe LyoBeads are¬†shipped and stored simply at room-temperature. This provides¬†a more cost efficient … read more